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presented from October 27, 2017 to March 15, 2018



Microcosme is the 4th edition of the “Innovation métiers d’art” project of the “Métiers d’Art / Bas-Saint-Laurent” corporation. Innovation métiers d’art is a creative project that consists of a challenge to innovation and surpassing oneself, launched to artisans, according to a given theme.

Seven artists, all members of the Métiers d’Art / BSL Corporation, were paired with seven Indigenous artists from different Nations of Quebec in order to create a work in two stages. First, everyone was asked to create a miniature work, handed to their partner, which was subsequently integrated into the final work of each artist. It is a creative experience that requires everyone to create out of their comfort zone, with a focus on research, innovation and the exploration of new techniques or materials.

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