New digital activity at the Museum : A Nation’s memory

Experience an interactive digital experience in the heart of Fort Odanak !




Upcoming event at the Museum

Tasting event - Musée des Abénakis

Tasting event – Musée des Abénakis

   Doors open activity at the Musée des Abénakis !

            Saturday, June 10, by 11 am, the Museum invites you to come and meet the Abenakis!

On the program: tasting of herbal teas and traditional meals, guided tour of the exhibitions and projection of a multimedia show.

By participating at this event, you will have the opportunity to win the brand new Cookbook Nd’adbokwa, I cook which presents recipes prepared by the Abenaki families of Odanak.

Free event and open to all !

Enjoy !



Thank you to our partners, benefit event 2017!

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